My company and services will never be considered typical P.T. or for that matter orthodox. I tend to break rules, think outside the box, and will always provide a unique and individualized experience. As technology improves and healthcare advances, service and quality of care seem to be disappearing. I pride myself in giving my clients meticulous attention. Developing trust and a close relationship are integral in the services that will be provided. Understanding your lifestyle and interests illustrate the story of your life, what your mind and body are doing, and what your body will continue to need to do. I will be your advocate. What I ask for in return is a deep sense of willingness and a proactive mindset to together accomplish your goals.
Over my years of experience in orthopedic physical therapy, I have learned to respect the importance of the whole body system. Understanding movement and the body's natural neuromuscular influence has changed my philosophy of treating the whole body system instead of treating symptoms. The role of the therapist is to evaluate, diagnose and treat non-surgical and post surgical musculoskeletal injuries and neurological disorders. The difference between myself and most health care professionals is that they tend to emphasize the given medical diagnosis. The name that you want to call your injury doesn't give me insight into the actual problem. I place my sole importance in understanding "WHY" and "WHAT" is causing this to happen. My approach is fundemental in identifying hard to see problems that typically remain unresolved from traditional therapy. Identifying these foundational issues and understanding movement dysfunction allow me to successfully treat the lingering injury. This mindset and approach allows me to truly focus on rehabilitating injury and preventing future injury from occurring.


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