The Elite Athlete

The seasoned athlete who is active, strong, and flexible. This special population puts great stress and demand on their body. 

The Professional Dancer

The Dancer who puts in hours upon hours of Tendu's and Fondu's. Whether it be foot pain or hip pain, the show must go on. The dancer has been trained specifically from childhood. His/her body is primed to have imbalance from extreme controlled posturing. Our role is to not change posturing or pose but to emphasize neuromuscular control and allow agonists and antagonists to work in unison.

The NYC Runner

The NYC runner who has a collection of tendon straps and compression sleeves to dull out his/her pain so he/she can get that extra mile in. I get it... you just need to. Repetitive injury is probably the most common form of injury. I am a firm believer that "you don't run to get fit, you need to be fit to run."

The Yoga and Pilates Enthusiast

The yoga and pilates enthusiast who continually works his/her "core" but continues to have low back and hip pain. It took me quite some time to have an intrinsic awareness of body control. The most common mistake is trying to voluntary will your muscles to work, your core is reactive and automatic, so core stability exercises need to be as well.

The Weekend Warrior

The weekend warrior who works 9-5 and relives his/her glory days through Zog Sports.

The Corporate Office Worker

The lawyer or office worker who logs 10 hour days in front of a computer screen with forward head posturing and their shoulders elevated to their ears. It is inevitable for them to have neck, mid back, and arm pain.

The non-Athlete

The non-athlete whose every day activities of daily living cause repetitive trauma and pain. We are highly unaware of the amount of strain and trauma that our bodies deal with on a day to day basis. Like a machine our bodies need to be maintained routinely or they will breakdown.

I'm Not Sure What Happened

Injury can and will occur at anytime and with minimal warning or trauma. Herniating a disc after sneezing, tearing a meniscus while simply walking, waking up in the morning being unable to turn your head are all examples of this.

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I have treated clients from all over the spectrum from professional, collegiate athletes from many sports, professional dancers, circus performers and contortionists, firemen, policemen, to everyday business professionals. No two injuries are the same. Our bodies are special and work differently in the environments that we use them in.


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