Heather Pierce Giannone

Healthy Cooking Coach @heatherpierceinc.com

When I started working with Francesco, I told him that my goal was to avoid surgery (even though an MRI and a neurosurgeon showed it was practically unavoidable).  I had been unable to sleep or walk without incredible leg pain or even stand up straight due to a herniated disc in my low back.  Francesco was extremely patient with me and I began to feel relief almost right away thanks to the very gentle exercises he started me out with.  Progress may have been slow at first but he persisted -- after a few weeks I began getting stronger and walking straighter.  A few weeks later, the neurosurgeon told me "I think you just might do this". And a month later? The surgeon told me to get out of his office and to "go enjoy your life!".  I will be forever grateful to Francesco for his patience and honoring my wish to heal on my own despite how severe my case seemed.  If you need a PT and in you're in New York you'd be an idiot not to work with him.

Kevin Knight

Owner, K Group LTD

I have had wonderful experiences with Francesco over the years, each time I beat my body up he has helped me bring it back to health and I really beat my body up (marathons and martial arts can be tough on the body). I have had two meniscus repairs, he has been there to help me get back into the game. Rotator cuff surgery, again he was there, back pulls, hip problems... I play hard and Francesco has kept me going. He has helped my athletic children as well through various aches and pains. I appreciate his approach, a gentle nudge forward, his full commitment to your recovery and his full dedication to you. My only regret is he is no longer in my home town.          

Meg Sanborn

NCAA D1 Collegiate Soccer Player

After tearing my ACL, Francesco helped me come back for my senior season of NCAA D1 soccer. He is fun to work with, super knowledgeable and a great motivator. Not only did he develop a terrific therapy plan for my specific injury, but he helped strengthen other weak areas as well.

Jimmy Sikorski

NCAA D1 Collegiate Baseball Pitcher

Simply put, Francesco is the best physical therapist around. Throughout my athletic career, I saw him for 2 separate injuries and there was never a doubt in my mind about his ability to get me back on the field. Not only did he provide top-notch therapy, but he also valued the importance of communicating with me regarding the cause of my shoulder issues and some of the exercises to facilitate speedy recovery and prevent future issues. Safe to say, I never had another shoulder issue for the rest of my baseball career. On a separate occasion, after receiving a faulty diagnosis on my elbow, Francesco demonstrated how in-tune he is with the human body. Other therapists I met with took the doctor’s diagnosis for granted and seemed to provide uniform, impersonal care. On the other hand, Francesco tailored his sessions to my individualized needs – if I did not consult him, I firmly believe that I would have never gotten to the cause of my symptoms. Francesco is the only therapist I refer to my friends and family.

William Genco

President of WJP Associates

 I was recommended to Francesco's practice by an orthopedist at the Hospital for Special Surgery , who simply described it as - " The Best". I was not disappointed. My therapy related to recovery from surgery for a displaced ankle fracture. What made Francesco unique was not just his knowledge but his approach and demeanor. He always explained the reasons for each exercise , the path we were on , what side - effects to expect , and was always available when questions arose. A more professional and personable physical therapist there is not.

Kimberley Rizy

Vice President of Provider Intelligence at Lincoln Healthcare Group

Francesco provided successful physical therapy services to me for over two years, providing care before and after two separate knee surgeries. As his summary claims, he is in fact meticulous. If you want your full range of motion to return after an injury or surgery, you must go to physical therapy religiously. He has treated my friends as well as other family members. I trusted him to rehabilitate my young daughter. He's an expert in his field and if you have the chance to have him treat you it will be a privilege. You will receive the VERY BEST of care and rehabilitation. If you would like, please ask Francesco for my number as I would be happy to discuss his expertise with you on the phone if you wish.

John Daut

Chief Revenue Officer of 9Lenses

I worked with Francesco for 3 to 4 months following a full knee replacement. He was a true professional with a clear understanding of my operation and the appropriate therapy to get me back. He has the unique gift of understanding people's specific thresholds and motivations. He is personable and friendly but was relentless in getting me to do what needed to be done to get me healthy and right. I hope I'll never have to use him again but if I do have an injury he'll be the guy I ask to help rehabilitate me.

Frank Cotugno

Creative Director

When I had my first appointment with Francesco, I was in pretty bad shape. I had thrown out my lower back and I could hardly walk or stand up straight. Francesco had me back in great shape in no time. He truly has great skills when it comes to physical therapy. He also has a great "bedside manner." I actually was disappointed when I no longer needed his services. I would highly recommend Francesco to anyone who is in need of an excellent physical therapist.

Debra Richman

Vice President, Healthcare Strategy & Business Development at Nielsen

I cannot say enough about Francesco and his skills as a physical therapist. Not only did he accurately diagnose my injury ( after being misdiagnosed by an emergency room physician), Francesco also allayed my anxiety and concerns about my recovery from a herniated disc. I have no doubt that his positive attitude and continual encouragement played a large role in my positive outcome.

He is extremely knowledgable and experienced in matching the appropriate treatment to a patient's needs. I highly recommend Francesco.

Christiaan Rizy

Founder Forbes Insight

I am a very active runner and Francesco helped me through three very difficult injuries, a calf muscle pull, lower back pain and hip surgery. Through his expertise and experience, I was able to recover faster and resume activities safely. Francesco is a valuable resource to active individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Barbato

VP of Marketing d-Life

Go to Francesco. There is no need to hesitate. I had major neck surgery and for the 4 years before I went to Francesco, I was experiencing a lot of neck and nerve pain and was in and out of physical therapy to no avail. Francesco was recommended to me by a healthcare professional and it changed my life. He understood my situation, had the patience to take the therapy at the pace that was appropriate, and took me through exercises that went straight to solving the problem. I didn't feel like I had in other pt practices where they take you through routine movements and make copies of specific exercises to do.  This wasn't instructional — this was having a partner in overcoming the pain. Francesco's good nature, encouraging personality and humor made me look forward to my pt appointments and kept me engaged with my treatment.  I came out stronger and fitter than I had been since the surgery. It's been 2 years now since I worked with Francesco and I'm still pain free. Thank you Francesco, for giving me the ability to enjoy life more.

Reide Rosen

Partner at D&R Lathian

I first met Francesco after injuring my neck in the spring of 2012.  After a surgical procedure to repair a herniated disc, he worked with me over several months to gain my strength back.  I could barely do a push up when we started!  It was frustrating, but working with Francesco is a real pleasure.  I was pain free and back to full strength in short course.  And over the past few years, I have sought his treatment for other ailments---lower back, hip, and forearm pain.  And each time I have been more than satisfied with his technique and game plans.  Always a true professional, I would recommend Francesco for any type of physical therapy!

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